Monday, December 4, 2006

Auto Resize div according to windows size.

Welcome back guys, This week i decided to share you with a small problem i've encountered this week and of course, the solution. Hopefully it will save you some time in case you'll get there too.
While developing a calendar based on AJAX, i had a div container that included all the Calendar's data.
Thus, the container was set as overflow: auto. The problem was, that i wanted the container to be with 100% width, and 100% height, however, percents didn't do the trick, so i thought what about width: auto? well, that did the trick on the width side, but on the height side i still had a problem.
After spending some time thinking about the problem, I decided to fold my sleeves, and get to work.
I wrote some code that manually alters the height of the container to fit the page size.
The code has been tested in FF 2.0 and IE 7.0.
So let's go through the solution.

Firstly, i borrowed couple classes and altered em' a little to get a reference to an object and the width,height of window (though i'm using only the height value).

function getObj(name){
if (document.getElementById){
this.obj = document.getElementById(name); = document.getElementById(name).style;
else if (document.all){
this.obj = document.all[name]; = document.all[name].style;

This class does a simple job, it gets an ID as the parameter, and contains a reference to it's obj and style.

function getWinSize(){
var iWidth = 0, iHeight = 0;

if (document.documentElement && document.documentElement.clientHeight){
iWidth = parseInt(window.innerWidth,10);
iHeight = parseInt(window.innerHeight,10);
else if (document.body){
iWidth = parseInt(document.body.offsetWidth,10);
iHeight = parseInt(document.body.offsetHeight,10);

return {width:iWidth, height:iHeight};

The above class contains the Height and Width of the viewable window.
Now that we've got the actual Height of the window, Let's adjust the size of our container to fit the page.
function resize_id(obj) {                           
var oContent = new getObj(obj);
var oWinSize = getWinSize();
if ((oWinSize.height - parseInt(oContent.obj.offsetTop,10))>0) = (oWinSize.height - parseInt(oContent.obj.offsetTop,10));

What the function is doing is rather simple. We create a reference to our container oContent. Then we get the size of the window and store it in oWinSize.
Now, we are setting the new size of our container to be the (Size of the window)-(The distance of our container from the top of the window) and the result is, our container will remain at the same starting point, however, will last until the bottom of the screen. Mission accomplished :)
Now that we have a function that resizes our container to stretch all over the screen, let's make sure we call it every time the window size changes.
we can either write
window.onresize = function() { resize_id('ID_of_Container'); } 
Or inside
<body onResize="resize_id('ID_of_Container');">

Where ID_of_Container is the ID of the container we are willing to be stretched out.

Well guys, Until next week....
Any comments are welcomed, also questions :)

Yours, Blond R.


Kroesss said...

Hello Blond R,

I think this post of yours could be the answer to a problem I've been having with a website of mine. I just can't get your solution to work, probably because I'm implementing your functions in the wrong way.

Could it be possible to post an example-page with this code? So we could see where all the code goes?


NetMyWay said...

I was able to install the phpmyadmin on Windows Vista, but do you know how to install the phpmyadmin on Windows 2000?
Please help.

uday said...

I have a strange problem while using this code, i have added a table in a div which is set for height 100%, it work fine in IE and FF, but when i keep on increasing the table rows it is adding an extra space at top of div (only in IE). Can you tell me why is this happening.

rameshsr said...

Hi Blond,

Thanks for the code. I am using IE 6. I am trying to make this code work in IE 6, but so far no luck. I see that you mentioned IE7. But what would be different in IE 6 to make this work?

robones said...

i found i had to change the resize code to
function resize_id(obj) {
var oContent = new getObj(obj);
var oWinSize = getWinSize();
var n=oWinSize.height - parseInt(oContent.obj.offsetTop,10);
if (n>0) = n.toString()+"px";
before it worked

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Sudarshan said...

Question for everyone- The code thats posted- is that in javascript? or php? I have an html web page, and i want to put this code in my head. Do I put this code inside "script type=text/javascript>" tags?
or do i put it someway else?

robert said...

yes its javascript, just stick it in the javascript area